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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is the substitution of a person, selected by the parties to the dispute, to act as a judge. Each party has the opportunity to present their side of the dispute, witnesses and evidence, after which the Arbitrator will make a decision. The parties must decide before the arbitration begins, if the decision of the Arbitrator will be binding or not. The rules governing the arbitration are agreed upon by the parties prior to the beginning of the arbitration.

Arbitration is less expensive and less time-consuming than litigation, and unlike mediation, does not require the parties to reach a settlement. Rules of evidence are generally relaxed, and the parties can have a set day for the arbitration to take place, unlike most trials.

Arbitration, both binding and non-binding, is available to parties involved in civil and family disputes.

The Mediation Center, Inc. offers arbitration by a court-certified Arbitrator.


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